Media Poetry: An international anthology, de Eduardo Kac

Autor (editor): Eduardo Kac
ISBN: 1841500305
Nº de páxinas: 296
Data de Publicación: Outubro 2007
Edita: Intellect, Bristol

Media Poetry: An international Anthology is the first international anthology to document a radically new poetry which takes language beyond the confines of the printed page into a non-linear world of multimedia, interactivity and networking. This anthology includes extensive documentation and discussion of digital poetry and expands the range of contemporary writing to encompass poems created with video, holography, skywriting, and even biotechnology .

The work of the poets discussed in this book embraces new technologies to explore a new syntax made of linear and non-linear animation, hyperlinkage, interactivity, real-time text generation, spatiotemporal discontinuities, self-similarity, synthetic spaces, immateriality, diagrammatic relations, visual tempo, biological growth and mutation, multiple simultaneities, and many other innovative procedures.

This media poetry, although defined within the field of experimental poetics, departs radically from the avant-garde movements of the first half of the twentieth century, and the print-based approaches of the second half. Through an embrace of the vast possibilities made available through contemporary media, the artists in this anthology have become the poetic pioneers for the next millennium.

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Este libro está a ser traaducido para o castelán por Mª Teresa Vilariño Picos.